Hi, I am Jens

Software developer, mindfulness coach, mental trainer, father and I create tons of stuff to follow my dream - to live on my own conditions.

👉 Open to freelance work 👈


Things I've coded, written or published.

Name Description Status
Checklist Maker Simple checklist maker tool with hosted checklists. SEO-driven experiment. Active
HotelsNearXYZ Hotel listing site for various locations. SEO-driven experiment. Active
NameGeneratorNinja Provies name generators for fun and profit. SEO-driven experiment. Active
UsersTrust.me Ethical social proof widget to improve sales conversion. Active
Spreadsheet2Site V2 Turn your spreadsheet into a directory or listing site or a shop. V2 is a command line app and a Netlify template. Active
FeedLetter.co Get instant feedback from your readers with my simple zero-friction feedback tool. Privacy focus Active
Mindful Eating App Minimalist app for helping with eating mindfully. Track your meals and hunger. Active
The Goal Setting Super Boost Challenge Learn goal setting & achieving the right way. Active
You Are OK A small reminder that life can suck soetimes but you are ok as a person. Active
Wheel Of Life Assessment Explore your life with the wheel of life exercise. Active
Online Breathing Timer Minimalist and free online breathing timers for breathing exercises (4-2-4, 4-7-8, HRV + box). Active
Online Meditation Timer Minimalist and free online meditation timer. Meditate for 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes with our timer in silence. Active
Unlock Your Mind Boxset Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Build Your Dream Life 12 concise lessons to overcome self-sabotage and embrace your full potential. Lunch-time-sized lessons. Active
Regain Your Focus 7-day email course to regain and improve your focus. Without focus you are lost. Active
Habit Tracker Printable Powerful habit tracker for offline use. Printable tracker without the app bloat. Simple tracking, powerful habits! Active
Llamacation Get a funny llama in every new browser tab. Plus break llama reminds you to take breaks Send your favorite llama on a postcard. Active
PromoTab Under which Gmail tab will your email appear? Active
LetterPage A minimalist SEO-friendly site template for your newsletter with an auto-updating archive. Even host it for free on Netlify. Active
Mindful Eating to the Rescue A guide to lasting weight loss and a healthy life. Active
Mindful Living Learn how mindfulness simplified the life of our protagonist and brought back happiness Active
Simplify Your Life with Mindfulness Focus on the important things and regain control of your life Active
ZENmix.io Ambient Sound Generator to help you focus during meditation or productivity sessions. Active
SlumberKittens Meditation Calm down and sleep like a kitten. Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep and Relaxation. Active
Motivate - Reach Your Goal A chrome extension that helps to stay on track and reach your goals. Get. Sh!t. Done. Active
How to Draw Chibi Tutorial book for learning to draw chibis. Active
Monk Mode Ambient sound generator to focus during work. Active
Spring Boot Jobs Job potal for developer jobs on Spring Boot Retired
Mandala Coloring Book Coloring book with mandals for a mandala meditation. Autopilot
MindfulDevMag Mindfulness for Thinksers & Creators Active
Guided Meditations for Beginners Set of 12 guided meditations for beginners to calm anxiety, reduce stress and calming your mind. Active
Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep Set of 9 guided meditations for deep sleep. Let us guide you to a better and healthier sleep. Active
Mindful Moments Reminder A Mac menubar application that reminds you during the day to take mindful breaks. With a short guided meditation. Active
Mindful Break Online Take a short mindful moment with a guided meditation right in your browser Active
Inner Peace Browser Extension to take short break in a beautiful landscapes, inspiring quotes and relaxing music. Chrome + Firefox Active
Questions for Growth Grow yourself into the person you want to be with the best set of 52 questions. Tackle one each week with the free online tool or get the paperback or ebook with all questions at once. Active
Spreadsheet2Site V1 Turn your spreadsheet into a website Retired
Spring Security for APIs Essentials No-fluff introduction in securing APis with Spring Security Active
UI Design Sketchpads Paper-based Sketchpads or designing Uis with Andorid, iPhone and web layouts. Zombie
Body Scan Meditation App iOS & Android app for the body scan meditation. German. Zombie
Find Your WHY Find your inner driver, your purpose and live a happy life Active
Mindful Journals Paperback Journals guiding you to clarity. Various designs Active
FRADevJobs Job portal for developers in Frankfurt, Germany Autopilot
LOGBUCH klarheit journal Collection of mindfulness based journals for gaining clarity. German editions. See Mindful Journals above for the English version. Autopilot
Muhrella Coloring books for kids and adults like Llamas, Pandas, Cute Cats, Dogs and more Active
Spring Boot books 3 guides for starting with Spring Boot. Updated every major release since 2017 Active
Moopato Bulk Mailer Desktop tool for sendning simple mass emails from a CSV file Zombie
Kindle Analyzer Online tool for analyzing Kindle books. Zombie
Amazon Sales Rank Checker Online tool for checking sales rank of your products Zombie
We Are Mad Robots Scifi short stories; especially dystopian. Active
Moopato Website Builder Desktop CMS for building websites. Zombie
Minimalism Sucks Short read book about minimalism with a dogma-free approach. Was the first book I've ever written. Autopilot
Moopato eBook Writer Desktop application for writing and publishing beatiful eBooks with Markdown. Zombie