Creating microapps as lead magnets

Benefit from the engineering as marketing channel without blocking your own developer resources.

Engineering-as-Marketing is one of the traction channels from the book Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers.

It's defined as:

using engineering time to create useful tools like calculators, widgets, and educational microsites to get your company in front of potential customers. These tools then generate leads and expand your customer base.

Justin Mares - Traction book

With Engineering-as-Marketing, you provide small but useful tools for your customers. They should be related to your main product or audience. Moreover, they need to deliver real value standalone. You're building trust here.

  • Your customers should gain a quick win by using your app
  • Simplicity is vital - easy to use, easy to get the quick win
  • Make it specific. One task only, avoid the complex
  • Add one Call To Action (CTA) to get the user one step further in your marketing channel like on your email list

The only downside of this marketing channel is that most companies do not have the developer resources for building these. They either don't have developers, or it is too expensive to reallocate some of them from your main product to your marketing.

This is where I step in.

I'll build your marketing tool at a fixed price without blocking your precious developer resources.

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Wheel Of Life Assessment Tool

A minimalistic online tool for the wheel of life assessment
wheel of life assessment welcome page wheel of life result page

The Wheel of Life is an excellent tool to help you explore where you are in your life right now. The tool guides you through the assessment in a visually pleasing way and displays a visual overview of one's life. The single CTA is on the result page to opt-in to receive follow-up questions and additional info to make the best out of it.

Online Breathing Timer

Visually stimulating breathing exercises to calm down.
screenshot of the online breathing timer

Breathing is more than just life. Breathing helps to calm down, dealing with anxiety, fear, and more. The app brings the exercises where office-workers need them; at their workplace.

Progressive Web App and mobile-first design.

It was released end of July 2020 and attracted more than 2000 users in the first weeks. Also, already reaching page 1 on search engines for certain keywords.

Soft-CTA at the bottom to funnel users into the product world of the client.

Inner Peace Extension

Chrome and Firefox extension for taking a short break
screenshot of the store entry of the inner peace browser extension

The app helps users taking a short break with serene music, beautiful landscapes, and inspiring quotes while remaining at their desks. Coming back re-energized.

Soft-CTA at the bottom to funnel users into the product world of the client.

Online Meditation Timer

A minimalist timer app as a Progressive Web App and mobile-first.
screenshot of the online meditation timer

The app covers the most used times for meditation session. Comes with 2 visual modi.

  1. Analog with time elapsed in a circle.
  2. Pure digital presentation of the remaining time.

Soft-CTA at the bottom to funnel users into the product world of the client.

Motivate - Reach Your Goal Chrome Extension

Chrome extension for staying on track and reaching your goals
screenshot of the store entry of the motivate chrome extension

A Chrome extension that helps users to get shit done. It shows their current task in the browser window. The place many office workers spend their day. They can't miss it.

Additionally, it warns users that they have something else to accomplish instead of surfing social media sites.

Soft-CTA in the settings. It leads the user to goal setting tips and further down a funnel.

ZENmix Lite - Ambient Sounds Mobile Apps

screenshot of the ios store front of zenmix lite

A mobile app for iOS and Android. Features 6 sounds of an ambient sound generator application. The main app is primarily online but also has a paid version on mobile.

The Lite version promotes the mobile and online versions of the main application.

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